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       You have made it to my official website, Barsbyline.com! Thanks for stopping by, I will be adding much more content ASAP! Please sit tight while my team and I put this thing together, and thank you for your continued support and understanding, its been a long journey to the present day. I CAN FEEL GREAT THINGS COMING!   -Gregg
  • Westside Disc Golf

    Westside team player Gregg Barsby reviewed all their drivers and the mid-range from Westide discs with a pro-players perspective. Here is what he has to say. Read More
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Barsbyline on Westside

Greg Barsby is proud to throw Westside plastic and is a sponsored player for Westside disc golf.

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Legacy Disc Reviews

  • Clutch
  • Clozer
  • Cannon
  • Rampage
  • Patriot
  • Rival

"The Clutch is a multi-use use putter, a fantastic addition to the approach game, as well as short drives. A very predictable low, stable fade when fresh off the shelf. Once worked in this disc is deadly, holding a stable line on whatever angle you desire. I throw the Protege plastic, which provides a consistent wear in, making it pretty easy to cycle through the "new", "used", "worn-in", "beat-in", and "beat up" stages. The Icon Plastic is great for a longer beat in process, and durability off the tee. Pick up a clutch and pedal to the metal!"

"This is the disc I'm currently using on the putting green, I love the way this disc is so controllable! Its a smaller profile, meaning there's not as much air getting under the object, it tends to "drop" or "fall outta the sky" so you can really give those putts the extra bit of commitment with a miss long. With proper speed control, this disc is phenomenal, this disc is pretty alright for the approaches, but is a little more prone to being affected by the wind compared to the clutch, Very rarely will I throw the Clozer off the tee, I use it to close out my holes."

"The industry benchmark for the maximum distance drive in todays, its hard to describe how sick this disc is, I can throw it farther than any other disc. I throw the pinnacle plastic in this mold, its flight characteristics i describe as a "hyzer flip up" disc at high speeds, it has an incredible "burn" (meaning once it has flipped up and is beginning to come back, it seems to take off!  "straight to stable" flight pattern at slower speeds, if you get this disc up in the air and let it do its thing it's pretty wonderful, and you should pick one up because they come in a variety of pretty "girlie" colors, and of course colors loaded with testosterone."

"The rampage is truly a work of art. A predictable stable flight pattern makes it a great distance driver you can rely on being consistent. I throw the pinnacle plastic for max distance with emphasis on an overstable finish, I've noticed the Icon plastic reacts differently to high speeds, being less stable than its Pinnacle counterpart. So I'd recommend the Icon rampage to those who throw up to 350 (with other molds) if you throw with lots of torque and "crush" pick up the Pinnacle."

"The patriot is a new addition to my bag, I'm enjoying it's true flight, meaning it pretty much acts accordingly to how you toss it, they say its a speed 7, but those numbers have never really meant anything to me personally...This disc goes far, and will be consistent in its flight. You can pump this disc and it will be a great roller when it's beat in, overall this disc is awesome for control shots and attacking those tricky lines"

"The Rival is the brother of the Patriot, they fly similar until the disc begins to slow it rotation, where the patriot stays the course, the rival kicks in the stable boosters and may even hit the skip launchers at the end of its flight! Recently messing around with this mold in the new Legend plastic, this disc is comparable to an Eagle/T-bird in character, and is currently my main all purpose driver."